German weapons science (16.02.2018)


What is offered in the western, heterogeneous society everything to know predominantly of useless ones, show the public legal, including private broadcaster. It will, as the German media spit out daily between Holzbrinck, Bertelsmann & Springer SE, merely portray the free formation of opinions. (see: Noam Chomsky: >> 10 strategies for manipulating the masses <<)

Research and teaching are free, it should be understood in the submitted by the US Allies and adopted by K. Adenauer and as a Basic Law to the German citizen as Democracy Fair already in 1948, then repeated in 1990, accused.

The research and teaching at German universities is >>“third-party funding from federal funds and funds from the defense industry for university research institutions for military projects, which in the aftermath also benefit Israel! Freedom of research applies at German universities. […] The brave new world, with electronics, first and foremost for military purposes also at universities in Germany and the world developed, then for the civilian consumer released by the large electronics companies and for the general public commercially, can access these. […] Commercialization of Higher Education – that influencing science through financial ties and dependencies is not merely an abstract danger […] companies and associations finance chairs or entire institutes. „, States Prof. Wolf, confirming this fact on the „Conflict of Interest“ and the science „. Deutschlandradio Kultur: German expertise in weapons worldwide. Foreign military let
research in Germany.[…] human war and green bombs; co-developed by German universities, funded by the Pentagon. Financed by the Bundeswehr. Financed by the
defense industry. Civil clauses and declarations of intent, values and human rights, relief supplies and mining rights. Peaceful revolution, Arab spring and thriving culture.<< (from: May no one say, he did not know!<< Zambon publishing 2017) LMU bomb researcher Klapötke from the Ludwig-Maximilians- University of Munich says the civil clause that this is against the freedom of research. Powerful science, funded by NATO, Pentagon, weapons companies, Bundeswehr and other federal ministries. LMU bomb researcher Klapötke announced that he did not want to be responsible for the deaths of „our soldiers“ and the NATO partner, which is why he researches the most powerful explosives through his research. Following the nonsensical to dangerous, in the context of root-cause argumentation of the knowing weaponist, the analogy „compulsion on the ramp“ is conceivable. So it is conceivable that some scientists would invoke a putative emergency, once it has been determined that German research on killing has been applied, once-again in court. It will then maybe talk of forced armor research on behalf of the US Army, the Bundeswehr, etc. …

So much benefit and humanity is to experience, donated LMU-bomb clutches 65,000 – Euro to the LMU Klinikum Großhadern in Munich. -the money had been received by the US military budget observer. (Advertisement on device: This MRI scan will be presented to you by the US Department of Defense / Pentagon.)

One knows nothing of „dual use“ and refers to basic research and can be paid for projects for experimental physics and high-frequency engineering by the US Department of Defense, the German Research Association and the EU. Jan Schür, Chairholder at the University of Erlangen:

„Who the financier is, is irrelevant, if the project is interesting. […] It is important […] that we can pay our employees … „

At the Technical University of Munich TUM, Prof. Thomas Eibert knows that „there are only limited resources available for contract research and he therefore finds it very pleasing that the Ministry of Defense also invests in research.“

This is how the Technische Universität München deals with the question of how electronic components survive radiation unscathed, as well as improvement of navigation technology and drone control.
Note: In 2017, the federal government hired Israeli Heron TP drones for hundreds of millions of euros, leaving them to be stationed and maintained by Israel in Israel-for Israel. That Israeli contract killings and serial killings against people in Gaza are carried out by drones is known worldwide. Location: Tel Nof / Ashdot German Drone.

Material research, quantum technology, cracking of encryption, smartphone surveillance, Spyapps & click behavior, increase the efficiency and readiness of soldiers. Reminiscent of Stukaschokolade, Pervitin (Crystal Meth), the Herrmann Göring pill of the Wehrmacht.

How can objects exposed to short high-power electrical impulses, such as lightning strikes or terrorists, be easily protected, that is the area of interest of the TUM scientist. A cabaret artist once aptly formulated that in Germany is being researched for even more powerful disintegrants and also for better and cheaper arm u. Prosthetic legs. Multicomponent science.

However, the Federal Armed Forces University of Munich, Augsburg University, Erlangen-Nuremberg, Würzburg and Bayreuth also take good third-party funds through military research projects. These are millions of euros, an average of 10 million euros, which are distributed to German universities by the US Department of Defense, the European Research Framework Program, the German Ministry of Defense, as well as weapons makers Premium Aerotec, Eurocopter, Cassidian and EADS. Endowed professorships (University of Bremen) are awarded by defense companies. The Bundeswehr University of Munich, meanwhile, is the largest cash
taker in the science business.

Explanations of the universities, whether Munich, Rostock, Koblenz: Less than 1 percent of the budget make military third party, one does not apply directly to military third party, it is constantly published everything, civilian use. In Bavaria, there is no civil clause that should prevent military research at universities. Even if a Bavarian university would take a civil clause, such a clause is in fact nonsense.

It is known that the threshold value for the year 2017 is based on a defense budget of EUR 34.3 billion in 2016 for the following increases:
2017: € 36.7 billion
2018: € 36.9 billion
2019: € 37.9 billion
2020: € 39.2 billion

Meanwhile, German soldiers on the Polish eastern flank are stationed by the NATO advance, here purely to „training and exercise purposes.“ In 2015, the Bundeswehr was involved in two „exercises“ in Ukraine, in „Rapid Trident“ and „Sea Breeze“

Angela_MerkelMerkel has, as it was read on 15.10.2016 on, known to the NATO target. This is not surprising, but it scares because the people, which have to give those sums have never been asked. She also spoke of „equidistance“ (noteworthy!) That „it will not go well in the long run, that we say we hope and wait for others to carry the defense for us.“ (06.07.16;

Like the weapons science of the renowned universities of Germany and their armies, this Chancellor, as hitherto each Chancellor has not recognized that the system serves Germany, the cause of terrorism. Thus, terrorist acts such as coming from Paris, Nice, Brussels confrontation demands such as Merkel, Trump, Netanyahu came to passport as a subversive reasoning to protect the „internal and external security of our country“.

Meanwhile, social assistance expenditure increased by 4.5% from 2015 to 2016. How so? Temporary work increased between

1995 – 2015 from 103tsd. to 993tsd.

Similarly, the low-wage sector increased from 16.4% to 18.4% in the period 2006-2014. Inflation in 2017 rose by a further 1.8%.

The unemployment rate was 5.8% last.
Number of unemployed:
11/2017 = 2,368,411
Number of recipients according to Peter Hartz IV:
11/2017 = 6,898,459
The rate of social exclusion through poverty in Germany is currently 19.7%.

The highest economic growth after 1990 was 9% in August 2008.
The highest minus growth in Germany was brought in 07/2010 with -13%.

During this time, the Federal Government of Germany participated in various wars, created disasters, stock market speculation and risk trading, from which these numbers can be explained. (Excerpt NATO wars of aggression: Serbia 1999, Afghanistan since 2001, Iraq since 2003, Libya since 2011, Syria since 2011, Ukraine since 2014, Yemen since
2015, against Palestine for decades [sic!])

In the everyday life of the citizens of Germany, here alone spoken by those in which it is essential if a piece of butter costs 250g 1.19 euros or 1.89 euros, rose from 2010 to 2017 by 55%. The contribution rate to health insurance between 1998 – 2018 ⍉ from
13.6 to 14.6 percent.

A plastic example: 1 liter of gasoline (95 RON) cost
1998 approx. 0.81 €,
2018 it increased to 1.37 €.
Public transport has increased by 20% in the last 7 years.

And another public statistics announcement:
2016:6.373 million offenses (2010 lowest level in the 2000s: 5.933 million)
1993: 6.705 million offenses (1991 lowest level in the 1990s: 4.752 million)

Comparison with crimes in the former German Democratic Republic in the
1980s: 117,159 / year.
Population density Germany: 231 units / km2 (form of government:
parliamentary Federal Republic)
Population density GDR: 154 units / km2 (form of government: Republic)


The list of disastrous mismanagement and criminal ignorance of the problems in their own country, in connection with increasing efficiency in the killing industry and securing the spheres of influence and economic interests in foreign countries, the resource robbery in Africa, Asia, South America; the most reckless system made by human hands, can be continued in detail!
The imperialist system, which in Germany / the Western world, the so-called Western [value] democracies has spread to a carcinoma, is the triumph of the will, as it is already known by German fascism. Germany should assume more responsibility in future, as van der Leyen was announced. More foreign missions of the Bundeswehr. According to the Bundeswehr Journal 03/2017, the budget will be increased by 10.2 billion euros. -what happened too.

Who does not know: Mercelcellcarcinoma is a malignant skin tumor, and
„Triumph of the Will“ is a propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl. Knowledge for the >>Stammtisch<<, as Germany is one, with a net defense budget of 36.9 billion euros. Warning! The following bomb attacks should be heard until „GERMANIA“!

As German delicacies there is still something to know what the Deputy Government spokeswoman Ulrike Demmer said at a national press conference in January 2018: „For the Federal Government, the goal remains to strengthen the rule-based international order. … Of course, we want a strong leadership role for the United States, because none of the major challenges can be overcome without the US. „The US has a strong leadership role of $ 19,000 billion in debt.

ATTENTION HIGHEST DANGER: Urgency warning level!

Here, science and research can make a clear statement, at which point the simplest rational thinking far undercut, the triumph of madness is approaching. Not only a knowledge role, because even a strong delusion.


Möge keiner sagen, er hätte es nicht gewusst!




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