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“Zionism is fascism”: Fariss Wogatzki


By Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik

The following is the English translation of my interview with the pro-Palestinian author Fariss Wogatzki from Germany.

His book entitled “Möge keiner sagen, er hätte es nicht gewusst” (No one should say s/he didn’t know) published by Zambon, has been available since 14 October 2017. The book is an act of resistance against Zionist crimes and a cry for solidarity with the Palestinian people.

On the author’s blog you can find the motivations of his engagement to deal with this matter and the reasons why he wrote this book. I asked him about the motivations of his ethical, anti-Zionist world view and also about the connections between islamophobia in Germany and Zionism.

What does an ethical, anti-Zionist attitude mean to you?

Zionism is a priori excluded from ethics. Just as humanism is from imperialism, or democracy from Israel. Many people who deal rationally with Zionism, understand that ethical conduct and Zionism have absolutely nothing in common. Even Zionists themselves recognise the racist and murderous nature of Zionism. What Theodor Herzl wrote in his program book Der Judenstaat clearly shows Zionism’s objectives. I think we should avoid discussing Herzl and such “revenge-oriented” individuals, and instead focus on the actual Israeli regime so as to determine which duties arise from it for every single individual. Another important fact which needs to be recognised, is that Zionism and Judaism have nothing to do with one another!


Möge keiner sagen, er hätte es nicht gewusst! – Fariss Wogatzki – Zambon Verlag 

Zionism is notoriously an ideology. It is fascism decorated with Western “democratic” values. The reality of Zionist ideology is that it embraces the racist and dogmatic nature of fascism. The exploitation of the Holocaust by Zionist fanaticism is manifest, as is its vulgar manipulation of the “Shoah” as a means of reaching its objectives. As is evident from numerous examples in Germany, there is only the “Shoah fetish” (Moshe Zuckermann), which is completely devoid of any ethical conduct and is used as a totalitarian means of blackmail. By distorting history and using the Israeli state apparatus to provide that which it needs most to achieve its objectives, Zionism is in effect guilty of anti-Semitism. Furthermore, Zionism’s reasons for its being are clear and detailed with regards to its pursuit of an ethnic Jewish supremacism that is dependent on ruthlessly exploiting the suffering and murder of 6 million Jews as outlined in Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry.
Having ethics means acting ethically with a basic practical attitude towards other people with the “ethical” aspect being completely independent and without attributes such as anti-Zionism.
Zionism is put on a par with Judaism which is in turn put on a par with Israel. So the human element (the faith based on peace) is put on one and the same level with something synthetical (the Zionist ideology) in connection with a constructed element (Israel). As a consequence, by misinformation, superimposed superficial morality, partial historical positivism, and clearly visible interest control the elementary wrong conclusion is established: Israel = Judaism = Zionism = Israel.


Only the free science, dissociated from comfortable breadwinning has fully explained the fact of Zionism. At the same time, Israel was proved to be a Zionist State, and alleged to be a “Jewish State”.
All the rest are just additional examples which just confirm the fact described above. There is no connection between ethics and Zionism, which could be maintained by opposing characteristics.

What does Zionism mean to you, and which are its most important negative elements?

The most striking aspect of Zionism is its inherent fascism. Of course, we can cowardly silence this fact because we illogically fear the powerful instrument used in Germany accusing you of “Anti-Semitism”. However, we are not able to debunk the fact that Israel is a fascist nation. Zionism is negative in its whole. There is not any, even partial, advantage humanity can take from it, even if somebody may say: Not all was bad at that time, when they make reference to the foundation of German fascism in connection with German high industry. An example of a research in this field is made by the historian Prof. Kurt Pätzold (GDR). In the early Eighties, GDR journalist Klaus Pöhlken explained the cooperation between Zionists and German fascists. Also his facts were internationally recognised and accepted.
In the early Nineties, the Israeli fascism researcher Ze´ev Sternhell point out that fascism was a part of Israel. It would not be just towards the history of facts, to reduce fascism to the German Reich or to Hitler, as also Franco, Mussolini, and Pinochet among others were part of the fascist movement.

Which are the main objectives of your recently published book?

At this point, I would like to send ahead some remarks. The title of the book is “Möge keiner sagen, er hätte es nicht gewusst“. As the author Hecht-Galinski points out, many books, articles, essays and publications have been written about the Palestinian conflict and the “illegal, Zionist occupation….,” which is absolutely true.
Knowing this fact has put me into the position to apply a method related to the present. The objective I pursue with my book is the present-related assessment of the way by which Germans are blackmailed by irrational, inhuman, demagogic politics in the media into the mental enfeeblement and abstruse race obsession solidarity with Israel. A noticeable concept is the term “hyper-solidarity” I recently read about Israeli. If we precisely analyse the word connection, the forced solidarity expressed by this term, has the following connotation: We know that Israel is an Apartheid State. However, it is Israel. So, we are called to be in hyper-solidarity, even if there is no ethical foundation base on which a person should show any solidarity towards injustice. The objective I pursue with my book is to raise awareness among the readers as human beings. And this conscience can only be developed in the exchange with other people. People have to detach themselves from terms like “citizens” or from reduced abstractions like “democracy, peace, freedom, wealth, community of values, interest partners”, if these terms are used to dehumanize Palestinians. As it happens every day in the media that there are calls for solidarity with Israel, the citizen in Germany does not have just the right, but the obligation to recognize that an Apartheid State is not worth of this solidarity. All our solidarity, all our empathy must focus on the oppressed Palestinians. We all know the facts, and as a consequence we have to base our way of acting on these facts only.

Faris Odeh

Faris Odeh – >>Möge keiner sagen, er hätte es nicht gewusst!<< (Fariss Wogatzki; Zambon Verlag)

Which are the main subjects of your book?

While I was working on the book, I noticed that a lot of factual material focused on the factual history of Palestine. As is well known, all these books are not allowed to enter the bestseller lists, the well-sorted bookshops, and even not the small bookshops in the “alternative neighborhoods” of the big cities.

And many of these books, just repeat what is already known internationally, step by step, from the Ottoman Empire to the proclamation of the State of Israel, the 6 days war, Oslo I and II, Camp David, and Annapolis. In whole, the full dazzling of the imperialist interests of Zionism. The motivation of the proclamation of the State of Israel. However, if we are honest, we will have to admit that all this is already well-known. I have added the question to think about: What do the Palestinians have to do with the German crimes? I am also asking myself the question: Why should the anti-Imperialist German partial State GDR have been an anti-Semite state? Why should a union of a few states, the UNO of 1947, have the right to decide about the property of another people, on the basis of a home-made “right”? How was the historical revision of German-fascist crimes after the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany, from a political, social, private, comprehensively cultural point of view, related to touchable practical acting?

I do not want to speak about never-ending memory and stumbling blocks, lip services and continuous payments. I am talking about the spiritual, ethical education of a people whose partial Western state and one of the first NATO members was remilitarised quickly. In my opinion, in the Federal Republic of Germany no more than wind was made, and the papers were revised. So I can directly connect my statement to Adenauer’s statement when he said that he cannot nominate a 20-years old to a general of the Bundeswehr to make the recourse to officials of the Wehrmacht plausible. Therefore, the main matter of my book is humanism alone. I have taken a different path. The facts must be assumed as logically known. It is clear that every German citizen has her/his own opinion about Israel. But on which facts are these opinions based?

On superficial knowledge, on fear from being accused to be anti-Semite, blinded pseudo-anti-Fascism reducing all to Judaism, and then Israel so that in the end Israel is allowed to do whatever it wants to?

In my book I have quoted relevant, opinion-shaping German news portals and online newspapers. The majority of the German-speaking online newspapers answer by themselves the question about critical reporting, journalistic professionality and interests control. The book shows that only the kind of people, taking advantage from the proliferation on the genocide against the Palestinians, refuses the factual knowledge: the imperialist partner and the government of the Federal Republic of Germany imposes to German citizens to be the ever-lasting friend of Israel!
It is helpful to know about the foundation of Israel. It is useful to know that gangs of terrorists invaded Palestine, but it is not absolutely necessary to repeat such a fact. So in my book I decided to summarize all these repeated killing sprees in connection with the generally known statement “we are simply not neutral!”
Exemplary facts of our present are introduced. Targeted killings of children by the IDF are exposed by indicating place, time, witnesses, and availability of the information. Necrophilia committed by settlers’ gangs in Jerusalem are introduced. There is video material about the displacement actions similar to the ones of the SS Death’s Head Units, about shellfire against graveyards, daily race obsession, and about the Israel youth singing “Gaza is a graveyard”.


Möge keiner sagen, er hätte es nicht gewusst! Fariss Wogatzki – Zambon Verlag 

The present work is also the analysis of well-known political statements made in the “name of the Germans”. As a consequence, the reader can deduct by herself/himself what is without any doubt a wrong statement. Let us consider that also Ernst Thälmann, Herbert Baum, Heinz Galinski, Georg Benjamin, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and thousands of others where Germans as well. So, in my book I am asking: Did the German fascist mass murder happen in the name of all Germans, and so also in the name of Baum, Thälmann, Galinski, Lichtenberg, Elser, Norden?

And I also focus on immoral statements of politicians of cemented traditional parties and their necessary opposition parties, which can all be found in the respective opinion-shaping newspapers, from Bild to SZ. They include mass murder biographies like the one of Heinz Reinefarth and the cultural development of the Federal Republic of Germany. So, I have observed and summarised the easily understandable, strictly structured, and thematically interwoven doctrine of German fascism and the one of the State of Israel, deducted from it, and the way of living of the “purified” Federal Republic of Germany, from the culture of the escapism on TV.

In the end, every single person being honest towards herself/himself has to state the following: “To understand the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinians, you do not need any academic knowledge, no particular religion, no particular profession. Some professions are even a hindrance. To understand this exorbitant injustice, freed from all elaborated definition research what is right and so forth, it is enough to have an education of the heart.” (quoted from„Möge keiner sagen, er hätte es nicht gewusst!“ Zambon Verlag 2017)

Which relation do you see between Islamophobia and Zionism in present Germany?

This is obvious! The requested and promoted hatred against Muslims has a direct connection with Zionism and Israel. The Judaism robbed by Zionism is the blaze raging in the whole Middle East. It is the fire accelerator and partially awkward partially moral political swindle to increase islamophobia. In my book I make reference to less known quotations of prominent Zionists who do not belong to Judaism, and whose nationalist obsessions is not far away from the ones expressed by German nationalists.

The ludicrous appreciation of Israel in Germany as the „unique democratic State“ cannot be proved as many people silently now in Germany. And in fact, this appreciation is also anti-Semite, if Islam is established as the threatening enemy. In Germany Muslims coming from Bangladesh, Kosovo, Myanmar, and many other countries experience daily Islam hatred, sometimes subtly hidden in a feuilleton, sometimes openly and stupidly promoted. A recent example is the Oktoberfest 2017 where the attack during the Oktoberfest 1980 was evoked. However, nobody would ever evoke the brutish Israeli crimes during the barbaric massacre of “Cast Lead” where people in Gaza were burning because of the Israeli phosphor bombs.


Möge keiner sagen, er hätte es nicht gewusst! – Fariss Wogatzki – Zambon Verlag 

Let us go back to factual history. Israeli murderers and terrorist were awarded with the Nobel Price of Peace. The mass murderer of Deir Yasin, Menachem Begin, was awarded with the Bundesverdienstkreuz (Federal Cross of Merit) in the Eighties. The fanatic Hitler fan Feiglin, as it can be deduced from his statement of the Nineties, was proud of having killed so many Arabs, and did not have any problems with that. I think Heinz Reinfarth, the beast of Krakow felt the same. Zionism and islamophobia are obvious. As M. Zuckermann correctly writes, the pathetic self-suggestion, the ideologic narcissism of Zionism and its preformed self-excitation is the basic evil in the Middle East as well as in Germany.
If Israeli government members are proud of their fascist statements, then it is self-obligatory for German citizens to get conscient of the German information industry and its Islamophobic condemnations in big newspapers and online portals.
Young Palestinians longing for freedom are called “terrorists”, “sand niggers”, “arabushim”, and “snakes”, and are so dehumanized, there is racism against Arabs in general and Palestinians in particular, German-Zionist Islam-hatred, tangible Islam hatred. Germans should, first of all, know this before they salute Israel. Their question, everyone can answer by herself/himself, is the following: Which connection do you see between Jewish hatred and fascism in Germany between 1933 and 1945?

How do we want to and how can we win this David’s struggle against Goliath, and why will truth win in the end?

I understand this question as a practical question about how to actively manage solidarity work for Palestine.
„Make groups, plan violent-free resistance, organise information meetings, flyer actions, internet campaigns, publish video on the social work, do real “lefty” work! Network websites, write columns, diffuse facts. Make music and solidarity concerts. Show solidarity! Activate crowds of people, the so-called flash mobs, with banners, accompanied by photographs and internationalist reporters.
Do not ask who will pay for the printing of 5000 campaign flyers to diffuse, stick and display.

Put your resources together, make solidarity donations for actions, get in touch with bigger organisations. Find operators of print offices and copy shops whose business model also servers people without being exclusively oriented to business. Work in creative, practical and efficient way for the end of Apartheid and genocide, together with the Palestinians and all peaceful people from all over the world. Without exceptions!
Find a common ground, without looking for differences. Human beings are there to act. And this has always been this way, through all history.

If imperialist stakeholders, big industrials, militarists create conglomerates of exploitation, all peaceful people should form one unit against exploitation, dispossession, war, economic fascism; banko-cracy, blendo-cracy, and pseudo-democracy. Everybody can help and show solidarity.
Wear an authentic kufiya as international symbol of solidarity with all oppressed peoples of this world! There must also be an option to practically execute solidarity, art, cultural and education work, also in case of prohibitions on space usage by municipality offices and private land lord. The hour of active and creative solidarity has already come and is also a duty for all human beings. If any kind of peace work of one or a group of peace activists, men and women, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists is pressured, impeded and sabotaged, in parallel we have automatically make public peace activities to promote them. We must decisively oppose to condemning announcements and typical accusations – and our reaction must be practical and not according to opinion disagreement.

All peace and pro-Palestinian peace activists must also be in solidarity one with another to struggle for freedom in Palestine. They should all stay in solidarity, people for people in Palestine!
I think, and I am firmly convinced that one day Palestinians will win and be free. And yes, I am convinced that all other people in this world must support their struggle for freedom. Since history, and the truth, are on the side of Palestinians.









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