Everyone in the German-speaking world who opposes or publicly criticizes house demolitions, racial legislation, nighttime special operations by the Israeli army, mass incarceration and targeted extrajudical executions, collective punishment, targeted child killings, occupation, forced acquisition of territory, bombing orgies or Gaza wars; economic strangulation, land theft, destruction of mosques and Palestinian culture; the targeted ethnic cleansing of Palestine; Torture, apartheid, racism, discrimination and fascism, is being labeled:

Antisemite, hater of Jews, right-wing advocate, of old leftist thought, Muslim, anti-democratic, instigator, nationalist, guilty of crimes against the Jewish people; even Holocaust denier. >>The unscrupulous accusation of antisemitism is equal to the perfidy of the traditional antisemitic defilement of the Jew in every way.<< (Moshe Zuckermann; translated of the German text: „Antisemit!“ Ein Vorwurf als Herrschaftsinstrument, Promedia press – Austria) All people who speak out against Israeli terror, against discrimination and apartheid, against fascism and racial fanaticism, against war and destruction of Palestinian culture and actively position themselves against Zionist barbarism are human beings for human beings! These people have no ethnic, no religious, no cultural, no social barriers. They see the courage of the Palestinians in their struggle for freedom. All these people refuse, by use of reason as well as historically, to accept the Zionist fiction: Israel equals Judaism. >>The Palestinians cannot even hope for an unjust peace agreement through diplomacy, let alone a just one. … We […] must come in flocks to fill the streets around the United Nations without fear of arrest or injury.<< (Norman Finkelstein; translation of the German book: Methode und Wahnsinn, Laika press- Germany) 

Imagine, we finally overcome our unjustified fear of these unscrupulous accusations and become human beings for human beings. Only then did we really learn from German history!

People in Germany, do not remain silent against the Zionist injustice! Humanity, do not remain silent in the 21st century! Take legal and legitimate opposition to the illegal Israeli occupation. For peace. For freedom. For Falastin!

First release 08/2017 on http://sicht-vom-hochblauen.de by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

Link to the crystal-clear interview on KenFM with independent journalist Ken Jebsen 


List of chapter

May no one say, he did not known it! by Fariss Wogatzki

Arab-german writer for Palestine, born 1971 in GDR. Friend of Palestine!

page\_007: Foreword by Evelyn Hecht-Galinski (famous, and real Palestine activist)
page\_011: Introduction
page\_025: May no one say, he did not known it!
page\_034: Refugees
page\_043: Judaism and zionism.
page\_050: Repression
page\_055: Jews
page\_058: The UN-Charta
page\_060: The peaceful BDS movement
page\_065: Management of fragility. Masterrace. 1.-World-Citizen
page\_068: Christianity and democracy is possible
            (In following of a friend of Palestine; Jürgen Todenhöfer)
page\_075: „How definite a jew themselves“? (Quote by Neturei Karta)
page\_078: Since decades against Palestinians
page\_078: Hamas
page\_101: Jews and Israelis
page\_106: Financial collapse and insolvency
page\_115: Money for Palestine (dedicated to PA and Abbas)
page\_120: All power is coming up from folk?
page\_126: Why Israel?
page\_134: Never makable responsible responsibility
           (In following of the German-Gov no sense argument: Everlasting responsibility)
page\_140: In the name of all Germans?
page\_147: The base-ground
page\_155: Liberty? …and culture of Israel?
page\_157: In what for real is the long culture of Israel?
           (In following chancellor Merkel claim, 2008 Knesset)
page\_166: German-Gov Politic
page\_169: The zionist state Israel is antisemitic
page\_172: Historical Facts and…
page\_175: …his censor.
page\_181: Why ever again comparisons in that kind?
           (In following of a small sentence of chancellor Merkel)
page\_186: Helmut Schmidt (former chancellor Western-Germany) and Fritz Stern (historian, but so far unknown)
page\_199: Violence against opponents in IL
page\_207: How we managed, if…?
            (In following of German national soccer, which would not play against Israel-                      football-group)
page\_213: June 17. – a colored revolution
            (In following of western action against my homeland in 1954; to forced extern                    regime change in Syria)
page\_224: Media and…
page\_233: …critics of Israel
page\_248: Headlines from the non-conform press
page\_251: The KaDeWe and his wine board
            (In following of Israel campaign against a traditionell shopping house for rich                      people; Berlin; Kaufhaus des Westens [Shopping house of the west])
page\_255: Goldstone report (-and his blame)
page\_263: Get out with the truth!
           (In following of the masses of massmurderer reinstalled in western Germany; like             Heinz Reinefarth 40.000 killings)
page\_272: The targeted killing of Abdul F. al-Sharif on 24.03.2016)
page\_277: Shame Germany!
page\_289: Migrant workers and refugees
page\_297: Settlements
page\_300: Israel democratic?
page\_313: USA…
page\_317: …and German weapons
page\_331: The Palestinian girl
             (In following of a small-mental speech from chancellor Merkel in front of a                           Palestinian refugee girl from Lebanon in BRD-TV)
page\_341: Robbering. Terrorism. Killing. – The massacres
page\_358: The left „Left“ (About opposition in German parliament who is left)
page\_367: Call! (Do not buy Israel goods!)
page\_374: Gaza
page\_381: Modern society
page\_390: GDR and Palestine – Brotherhood
page\_409: Liberty? Where she is? For what? For whom?
page\_411: Monuments of war (in Germany)
page\_426: Questions and answers
page\_429: A call out in epilogue

End_Notes, Index

More English Comments 

Zionism is Fascism; Interview – ProMosaik

Interview with Muslim-Markt

The Israel child butcher

German weapon since







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